Web Development
With cloud computing, mobile and social networking, consumers are empowered with a lot of tools for communication and collaboration. Hence consumer markets are changing dramatically with applications and services that boost user experience. Radically changing technologies and market trends need to be kept up with, in order for any business to succeed in this competitive market.

A good web application is one that is user friendly, stable, easy to maintain and most importantly meets its business objectives in a cost effective manner.

Proven skills in web technologies complemented with our experience allow us to incorporate complex business logic into our projects in a simple and elegant manner. This allows us to create web applications that are robust, scalable and are of high performance.

Our solutions are developed using the latest technologies and bearing in mind the current market trends. Despite the underlying complex functionalities, our designers aim at providing a positive user experience by creating applications having appealing user interfaces.

In addition to providing web applications of high quality, we also offer database design, development and support. This allows us mask tricky and complicated functionalities with aesthetic and simple interfaces providing complete end to end solutions.

Infrastructure / Network / Server Management
Your IT infrastructure acts as an interface with your enterprise, your sales organization, your support team and your products. It is also an indispensable administrative tool that you depend on to run your day-to-day business activities. Availability of the network, the systems and the applications therefore, is of paramount importance. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Just being there is vital. If you aren’t available when your customer knocks, someone else will be. Your competitors are just a click away. Your loss is their gain. And what you lose is not just a sale or a potential customer. What you lose is credibility and goodwill – two very precious things that you can ill afford to lose in today’s highly competitive business environment.

ABRS Tech offers comprehensive and affordable application and network monitoring and management services to organizations, allowing administrators to have unprecedented visibility into the performance of the network and the various devices and applications running on it. Our engineers have an uncanny ability to get to the root of problems associated with bandwidth, network and application performance. They monitor every element of the web application infrastructure including operating systems, VMs, application servers, databases, messaging servers, authentication systems and more. They keep their fingers on the pulse of the entire IT infrastructure and provide detailed reporting on system availability and utilization.

Owing to the many-to-many relationships between applications and the resources they interface with, it takes a multi-pronged approach to tackle pernicious performance problems. The application server may be working fine, but what if the network fails? The shopping cart may be carting along right, and the web services serving just fine, but what if the authentication server crashes? Performance suffers.

ABRS Tech expert teams of engineers are always vigilant keeping watch on the load, capacity and resource utilization. They also continuously monitor CPU, memory, I/O and bandwidth usages across the network. Through effective capacity planning and efficient utilization of available resources, they reduce outages and minimize their impact on the business.

Keeping the IT infrastructure healthy, takes more than monitoring and analyzing. Despite all the preventive measures adopted, system failures do occur. Our engineers put in place alert mechanisms that trigger immediate response protocols to limit the damage and reduce the downtime. They take regular back-ups of various systems, and can fall back on the latest backed-up data to have the systems up and running, thus ensuring business continuity. They will then analyze the root cause of the performance issue and document the findings along with information on corrective action taken.

Other activities that form part of our IT infrastructure management services include setting up, optimizing and securing servers. Additionally we also help with infrastructure recommendation, information security, vulnerability scanning and reporting, installation of antivirus and patch management solutions, network design, transitioning from one network to another including migration of applications and data required by such exercises and optimizing the IT infrastructure to support future business objectives.

ABRS Tech has a proactive rather than a reactive approach to infrastructure / network / server management. This ensures high availability, enhanced reliability and increased responsiveness from existing systems, squeezes more value out of the money spent on IT infrastructure through better utilization of resources, and ensures predictable and controllable costs.